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The Secrets to a Successful Video Projector Installation

The home video projector is one of the most valuable gadgets that you can have in your home theater. It can display high definition video images without taking up too much space inside your home cinema.

But just like any other gadgets inside the room, all the good features will not be put into good use if the installation is faulty. Assuming that you have already bought a video projector and a matching screen, the first and probably the most important thing that you should do is to look at the specs of those items.

Knowing the width of the screen and the acceptable distance of your video projector will be necessary in completing the other installation tips.

  • Install the Video Projector within the specified Throw Distance. The throw distance of a video theater projector is defined as the distance of the lens of the projector to the screen where the video images will be reflected or shown. Each video projector has a set throw distance or an allowable expanse where homeowners need to install the projector to get the best picture possible. Identify it and place the projector inside the room within that distance. Any space closer or farther than the throw distance can cause distortion to the video images.
  • Consider the audience’s location when determining the spot for your projector. Most projectors used in home cinemas are installed overhead and are hanging from the ceiling through a mount. This is the reason why you need to consider where your theater seats are because most projectors can emit heat and sound during operation. Many people would love to position the projector behind the audience so that the heat and the sound of the fan wouldn’t distract everybody while the movie is playing.
  • Don’t skip on proper horizontal centering and vertical offset configurations. These two components are also very important secrets in achieving the best video images by your projector. In horizontal centering, you have to make sure that the lens is really on the center of the horizontal width of your screen. Vertical offset of home theater projectors are slightly more complicated. You need to consider the ceiling height and the distance of the lens to the floor to get this perfectly. Unlike horizontal centering, the vertical offset does not just mean that the lens is centered on the screen vertically. You need to do some calculations as to how low you should be placing your projector from the ceiling.