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A lot of homeowners who have home cinemas are opting for home theatre projectors because they save space and they can also show a larger picture compared to television screens.

The question that they have in mind is whether to hide the projector or expose it for other people to see. Each of these instalment techniques has its own advantages. As the owner, it will be your responsibility to figure out what you want.

To help you with your decision, here are a few points that you need to know about hiding versus showing your theatre projector.

  • Advantages of Hiding the Projector. Projectors can be enclosed in special architectural features inside the home cinema where only the lens can peep through. A good advantage of hiding the projector is that it will not disturb the appearance and the design of the room. The fluidity of the lines will be continued and people will not even notice immediately that a projector is present. This also makes it easier for you to convert the room into something else when a movie is not being played. When the projector is enclosed, it also keeps the mechanism clean and free from dust. You would need lesser cleaning tasks to do especially when it comes to the motor. The noise can also be reduced because the projector is enclosed which can cause the sound to diffuse.
  • Advantages of Exposing the Projector. Exposed projector installation means that the projector is simply placed on top of a table, or hung through a special mechanism from the ceiling. Since there is no extra architectural work to be done, people who simply choose to install the projector this way will save money. Any maintenance works to the projector will also be very easy and convenient since you can easily unplug and remove it. If you choose the right type of projector, it can actually be a focal point of the room. Because the movie projector is exposed, its fan will be able to circulate air better. This will lead to the gadget getting cooler much more quickly than the enclosed projector installation. The ventilation of the room will also prevent overheating of the electronics.

Whether you choose to enclose your projector or expose it, you always have to match it with your usage. It would also depend on the layout of your home theatre.