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Most people who are too excited to build their own home cinemas make a mistake of not having an appropriate plan for the home theater design.

The layout of your home cinema is a very crucial part in making the perfect space to watch a movie. Homeowners are sometimes too caught up with a lot of ideas that they often forget vital elements in the design of the room.

Before anything else, the family must sit down together with the contractor and discuss everything pertaining to the home cinema. A checklist may be necessary so that both parties can agree on which items to prioritize especially if you are working on a budget.

Here are some essentials in designs that you need to know:

  • Create a Visual Representation of your Plan. A simple drawing can make a huge difference especially when you are explaining what you want for your home cinema to your contractor. Sometimes, words cannot exactly portray in detail how you want things to be arranged or how you want the room to appear. No matter how bad you are at drawing things, create a basic diagram or a floor plan for the room. Specify everything in the plan and add labels as much as possible. Even though the home cinema is just a single room in the house, this area can actually cost more than the rest of the rooms so plan everything ahead.
  • Discuss the seating capacity and the seating arrangement in relation to room size and display. A lot of people do the mistake of not calculating how many people should really fit inside the home cinema to get the best experience possible. You cannot just stuff chairs inside the room without thinking about the room size and the type of display that you have. Check on what TV or monitor you are going to procure and assess how the viewers should be positioned to get the best color and video from it.
  • Make a checklist of the gadgets that you already have and the gadgets that you might want to add in the future. You definitely want an organized and clean- looking home theater. The best way to do this is to house all of your gadgets in nice cabinets with partitions and keep all of your wiring behind the walls. To make this successful, you need to know what gadgets you have and what you want to buy so that the contractor can anticipate how the appliances will be arranged.