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Plasma televisions are quickly becoming of the most in demand products of our time.  With the prices continuing to fall, more and more people are considering investing in one.  There is such a wide range to choose from. it can be quite overwhelming.  Here are some advantages and disadvantages to plasma TV’s over LCD’s.

Plasma televisions generally have a greater capacity for colours, contrast and with larger screens, better motion tracking.  Plasmas can be mounted to the wall; they come in a variety of screen sizes and tend to have a higher resolution.  These are all advantages that you must weigh out for your surroundings and needs.  There are many different companies that manufacture plasma televisions and they all offer different features for their product.  This is a personal decision only you can make.

When compared to LCD televisions, the disadvantages of a plasma television include the heat they generate, heavier weight and delicacy.  They tend to have a shorter life.  Plasmas used to be susceptible to burn in, where the image gets burned onto the screen.  However with technology advancements this is no longer an issue.

A great choice for a home theatre, plasma televisions are economical and are consistent in their quality and features.