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How to Design a Home Theater in Your Spare Time

Home theater design can be as complex a project as you wish or as simple your purse strings will allow. If this interest in building an entertainment system in your home has just dawned on you and all the technical details you learned on your research have given you a headache, then approach the project in baby steps. Just like the way you calibrate your sound system by ear, you fine tune your project design until get everything right.

Check what you have.

Starting with the available space you can spare in your home, measure the area and draw a rough sketch of where you plan for the equipment and furniture to go. While you are it, take an inventory of every home theater device you own. Make one list for those gadgets that you can still use for a few years and another one for those that need an immediate upgrade. Note down the models for the items that you can still use. This will come handy when you are at the store and wondering if the projector you are planning to buy, for instance, is compatible with your existing Blu-Ray or DVD player. Jot down the kinds adapters and cables that you have so you will not waste time purchasing their duplicates.

Set a realistic budget.

When you set out to buy the devices you lack in your home theater, estimate an amount for each item. Even if you have a five-figure budget for the total project, you cannot just blow everything on that mind-boggling surround sound system when you still need to get new recliners. As the same time, there is no need to compromise having a TV with better picture quality in the effort to save some money.

Bring it all together.

The real work in every home theater project is the painstaking chore of reading the manual that comes with each new device. Resist jumping right in and plugging them right after unboxing. If you are not up for the job, just go and hire someone with technical expertise on sound and picture calibration. It is better to spend a bit more for that than not be able to fully experience what your brand new devices can do. Lastly, remember to stock up on new music, movies and games so you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.