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Lighting your Home Theater Room

When it comes to home cinemas, many people immediately rely on the HD television and the sound system to make the room successful. Although these components are the basic important factors of a home cinema room, one must not disregard the fact that lighting is also essential and it must be considered as well.

Advantages of Good Lighting System

If the sound from the audio system can let the viewer feel as if they are actually part of the movie, the lighting inside the room is the factor that sets the mood. Aside from creating a well-lit environment suitable for your viewing pleasures, proper lighting can also provide safety inside the room.

  • If you want to use the room for games and recreation as well, then the lights can also provide additional illumination.
  • A good home theater design must include the lighting fixtures and not just the arrangement of the equipment and type of appliances found inside the room.

Types of Lighting

Getting to light your home cinema is not a simple job. You need to determine the type of lighting that you will be using in the room in certain locations. The types of home cinema lighting are safety, general and atmospheric.

General Lighting

When we say general lighting, the main purpose of these lights is to provide overall illumination to the room so that you can still perform different tasks inside even if you are not watching a movie. General lighting includes floor lamps and overhead lights.

Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric lighting is used to set the mood inside the room. This includes sconces, and cove lighting fixtures. Because these lights set the mood, the main types of lights that are used for atmospheric illumination are those that are intended for beauty instead of function.

Safety Lighting

Safety lighting on the other hand is purely functional in nature. If general lighting is used to assist the watcher in seeing around the room while not watching a movie, safety lighting is used to help the watcher navigate around the room while a movie is being played. This means that safety lighting must not interfere with the movie projection. This includes chair lights and aisle lights.

All of these types must be installed with their functions and purposes in mind. These will not only make your home theater rooms safer but they will also keep the room appropriate for watching movies.

The placement of the lights should also be thought of carefully. You have to make sure that the lights will not cause glare or any distraction to your viewing experience.