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What Makes a Home Theater/Sports Bar

If you have done your fair share of pub crawling, it may be time to merge the sports bar into your home theater. You only have to put on your favorite jersey and then enjoy watching your team without having to step out of the house. One downside, however: your friends may not want to leave your home as well.

1.  Multiple Screens

Just like any sports bar, you may need a few screens to not only re-create the ambiance, but for you to follow the different games being played simultaneously. In order not to miss out on those amazing game plays, pick the biggest screens you can afford. Moreover, go for HD if you can, and call your trusted technician to assist you with the set up. You may want to scatter the screens around the room or place them all on a single wall. Either way, you would want the wires out of sight and an expert can help you achieve that.

2.  Subscription Channels

Granting you have your home theatre systems down pat, you need good sports channels to feed shows into them. With the HD TVs or projectors you installed, you will have to go with the HD channels as well. The provider, whether by satellite or cable, must be reliable enough to put out the big games live without pesky interruptions. Expect to pay extra for premium channels.

3.  Casual Furniture

A sports bar is not always about formal seating and furniture. When you and your friends are rooting for your team, you are not likely reclining on a leather couch. Scatter stools and bar tables around the room, as well as bean bags on rugs. If you must have good seating, go for those with cup holders. You will need to provide places for your guests to place their drinks. This will minimize the spilling of drinks on your upholstery when everyone is caught up with the excitement of a game.

4.  Flowing Drinks

Having a bar, or even a mini version of it, should make you the favorite host in your block easy. Since you will be serving beer, a beverage refrigerator will come handy. If you want to impress your friends, bring in a few kegs and mount a barrel head on the wall to serve your beer straight from the tap.