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An LCD TV is one home theater installation that you can expect to last for years. That is, if you strictly use it for watching movies and shows and, more importantly, if you have no young kids. You may have to scratch out using it for video games as well. For most homes however, it is rare to not have at least one video game console in the house. For this reason, kids and kids at heart will, sooner or later, get too carried away with a game that controllers could end up smashing your brand new TV. Adding a layer of protection to your screen may be the only way to ensure that your TV will not be easily scratched or damaged through this.

The advantages and disadvantages

When you have kids or play a lot of video games, you might as well invest on a TV screen protector. Its is a thin, almost invisible barrier that will prevent your screen from taking the direct hit. Being transparent, it will not stand out or ruin your over-all home theater design. The downside of this is, of course, the additional expense. After having spent so much on your surround sound system and other gizmos, you may hesitate to dig into your pocket again for the screen protector. Just as you buy insurance for your car and home that you may not actually use, you will only appreciate its benefit when an accident will actually happen. Another common complaint about these protectors is the decrease in your TV’s brightness. This can be remedied by adjusting the brightness feature of your screen. Lastly, the acrylic screen may cause light to reflect on them and annoy the viewer. There is still a way to go around this since manufacturers are now producing anti-glare versions of the screen protector.

How to install and maintain

Like the protectors used on computer monitors, you only have to take the TV screen protector from its box, peel off the shipping wrapper, and stick on the felt pads. After slipping the straps on, you can then hang the protector over the top of your TV and secure it with the straps. Except for minimal dusting or a sweep of an acrylic cleaner every now and then, the screen protector is virtually maintenance-free.