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Angry Neighbors Complain On Backyard Noise

With the onset of warmer weather, you could be among those who are looking into installing home theatre systems in your backyard. Partying outdoors with your friends can be made better when you have nice music in the background or can kick back at your pool while watching movies on your giant screen. When the stars come out at night, your backyard can then transform into a romantic spot for you and your loved one to enjoy. In setting up your surround sound, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Take into account the natural elements.

Along with home theater projectors, surround sound systems can be a little tricky to install when you have the intense heat, moisture, wind, and dust to reckon with. When you expect a few drizzles even in the summer, you may have to forgo installing them in open areas, but you need not give up on the project altogether. A covered patio will protect the wiring and the electrical parts of your speakers. You can also enclose them inside water-resistant cases. Since being outside can make them vulnerable to pests as well, inspect them every so often for cobwebs, droppings, dead insects and dust. With regular cleaning, you can enjoy your sound system for many more summers to come.

  1. Factor in the sound delay.

If you are particularly observant at concerts and cinemas when the crew installs the speakers, you would know that the open air can pose problems to the sound. The delay it takes to reach the seats farther from your screen will render the viewing experience awkward and not pleasing at all. To prevent this, you need to calibrate the sound delay in advance by purchasing a device for this purpose. That way, every person will have the sound simultaneously reaching their ears no matter where they sit.

  1. Never annoy the neighbors.

Some planned communities do hav

e the drawback of having the neighbors’ homes built close to your own. When you install your speakers high up on posts in order to keep them out of sight, you will risk blaring the sound into the street or worse, into your neighbor’s yard. This can cause conflicts especially if your neighbors do not share your love for surround sound. To avoid having cops knocking on your door, limit the listening area within your property only. You can also mount your speakers lower and test how far the sound reaches.