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Valentine’s Day is upon us and there’s nothing better than showering your S.O with a ton of TLC on this special day. If you’ve forgotten to make a reservation or were too busy to rent a yacht and whisk away your lover into the middle of the ocean, don’t fret. There are so many ways to make your most favorite person in the world feel loved.

One of our personal favorites is binge-watching only the best Valentine’s Day movies romance has ever given birth to—and no, we’re not talking about The Notebook.

Here are romantic movies to watch on V-day that will set the mood just right.

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You

There are far too many rom-coms that are too cheesy albeit far from being substantial. If you want the perfect balance of humor, wit and romance, this timeless film is your best bet. It’s a modern day Shakespeare-an story paired with more than enough charm to last you both a lifetime. Oh and that bit of Heath Ledger singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” just takes the cake.

  1. Lost in Translation

This Sophia Coppola film is a bleak comedy. However, underneath it all lie one of the finest romantic films ever made. Both the characters played by Scarlet Johansson and Bill Murray perfectly capture the lonesomeness of traveling and craving connection. If you’re ready for a tear-jerking moment paired with a laughable one a few minutes after, this is one movie you should cuddle to.

  1. 500 Days of Summer

Not everyone is as fortunate as you cozying up with your S.O on this warm and fuzzy night. If it’s a reminder you want, then 500 Days of Summer is the reminder you should watch. It’s an honest telling of love hoped for and love lost and the soundtrack is enough to make you feel all kinds of feelings. Oh and the chemistry between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel is unparalleled!

  1. Say Anything

All of us will never forget our first love. If you’re in Cloud 9 right now, Say Anything has to be that movie you pop into your player. It follows the romance between the unattainable high school beauty and a determined optimist set to win him over despite all the obstacles. Yes it is the movie where John Cusack holds up a boom box.

  1. Walk the Line

If it’s a more classic film of love and romance you’re after, Walk the Line is one of your best bets. It’s a story of country meets rock n roll, with a whole lot of emotion in between. From love blossoming to celebrating life and relationship, the movie perfectly encapsulates what it is to permanently have those butterflies in your stomach. As if the film couldn’t feel realer, it’s said that Johnny Cash died of a broken heart after June passed away.

  1. Love Actually

Clever rom-coms are hard to get by and if there’s only one that you should watch, it’s this one. It’s impossible not to laugh, cry or go “awww” in between scenes. Doused with witty humor and a lit ensemble cast, Love Actually is perfect to watch even if it’s not Christmas. Following the stories of different couples (of different ages), it’s a hearty movie that will leave you and your S.O feeling good in the end. Plus that English accent is the cherry on top!

  1. Her

If it’s a story about a man falling in love with his operating system isn’t enough to intrigue you, then we don’t know what will. Her is among the best movies of the recent century. The plot is thick, the lines are intense and the delivery is nothing short of flawless. It will make you feel grateful you’ve got that person you can cling to. Big plus is the film’s visuals, which are a certified eye candy. Oh and a big fan of Joaquin Phoenix? This is him at his finest.

  1. Moonrise Kingdom

Sometimes we want to do away from the drama completely and go after light-hearted fun. Following the story of two twelve-year olds who run away from their homes for the sake of love, Moonrise Kingdom hits all the right notes, and more. The casting choice is perfect and the entire film is a visual feast too.

  1. Notting Hill

Looking for the right date flick to bring over? This is it. It swims between “are we” or “are we not” and paired with refreshing characters and witty lines, despite the film being over 17 years old. If a hopeless romantic ever needed a movie as a wingman, this is it. To this day, the line: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her,” still gives us the goosebumps.