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Choosing Plasma over Projector

In planning for your home theater system, one of the major decisions you have to look into is the kind video device you want. A good projection system can mimic the picture quality of the movie theater, but you have to draw in the curtains and shut off all the lights to fully get into the viewing experience. Moreover, there is the bulb’s lifespan and its constant replacement that you have to consider.

One popular alternative to projectors is the Plasma TV. Through the years, advances in technology has enabled the TVs to evolve from being a mere source of over-the-air shows and news to being a total entertainment center. Cable programming and satellite dish hook-ups have expanded the TV’s use. Some can even double as your computer monitor. Gaming consoles are compatible to most of the newer models and the TV’s large screen will make you appreciate the colorful graphics.

Plasma TVs, in particular, also come in a variety of sizes but with less bulk and thickness as the older models. Thus, mounting them on the wall or on TV stands will occupy less space and will make your living room look less cluttered. Needless to say, movie watching is now taken to a higher level with sound and color being more pronounced.

Your budget can also dictate the degree of resolution you want on your TV. The higher the resolution, the sharper the display, so if you want to splurge on your TV, look into its resolution to determine if what you are paying for is its quality and not other features that you may not even use.

Another matter that you have to decide on needs you to measure the size of your room where you plan to put the TV. Allow some clearance on either side of it and know that bigger is not always better. Your viewing satisfaction depends on the right proportion of your TV screen to the viewing distance from it. A constant issue about TVs is the glare. The flat screen models can minimize the distortion caused by the glare so you may want to have that feature. Other nice additions are its sound quality and ease of use.

The only downside of the Plasma TV is its price since the better its features, the deeper you have to dig into your pockets. However, if you will buy it from a reputable manufacturer, you can be assured of at least enjoying your TV for years to come.