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Difference between 3D TV and a 3D- Ready TV

There are a lot of movies today that have been altered to accommodate 3D viewing. 3D movies actually give the viewers more of an experience rather than just watching them in 2D because the images pop out of the screen making them appear as if the characters are portraying right in front of you. People would definitely love to have a 3D capable television to be added in their home theatre system. Maybe by now, many of you are confused between a 3D television and a 3D Ready TV. Although both televisions are capable of allowing the person to watch movies in 3D, there is a huge difference between the two. This will actually guide customers as to which type of TV they would want to purchase.

  • 3D Television

An appliance can be classified as a 3D Television only if there will be no need for any hardware for it to display 3D images. But this does not mean that the watcher will no longer need 3D glasses. Most 3D televisions still need 3D glasses. Since the TV already has a built-in processing unit, it can automatically recognize the 3D glasses without the need of any additional type of hardware. Different brands offer their own 3D TV. The biggest names such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung have their own units. These brands are also starting to make 3D televisions that no longer require 3D glasses. The good thing about these products is that you can switch the 3D off and watch everything in 2D.

  • 3D Ready TV

A 3D Ready TV is also capable of showing 3D images; however, a special hardware will be needed in order for the viewer to look at 3D pictures on the screen. Does this mean that any TV can be turned into a 3D television as long as the hardware is installed? The answer is no. A TV can only be a 3D Ready TV if its refresh rate reaches a minimum of 120 Hz. This rate is important because it is the measurement of how quickly the images that are flashed on the screen are being refreshed or updated. For the 3D images to work, the updating of images must be really fast. This fast pacing will create the illusion of 3D. You will still need 3D glasses – the active shutter type. This will allow the glasses to control the right or left eye on the types of images or colors that need to be seen.