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How a Log House became High Tech

When a person thinks of a log home or a log cabin, the last thing that he would think about is high tech gadgets. This is one thing that the makers of an 18,000 square foot log house in a certain place are trying to disprove.

Why Do We Call it “High Tech Log House”?

  • This house features a very impressive home theater system with surround speakers.
  • The entire house has also been wired with 92 speakers all over where people can listen to music in any of the 12 areas intended for listening.
  • Aside from that, the audio system of the entire house is capable of streaming music.
  • If the tune does not impress you enough, there are also 8 High Definition Televisions. These televisions are also connected to 5 surround speakers that will surely take your movie watching experience to a whole new level.
  • There is also sophisticated lighting control.
  • This log house uses a universal control system that is capable of controlling different parts of the place with the use of touchscreens that are strategically located around the premises specifically the master bedroom and the kitchen too.

Other Interesting Facts

  • As surprising as it may sound, there are only four people who live in this log house. But all four of them have asked these gadgets to be installed.
  • Another feature that the people living in the house would want is for each of them to watch their own collection of DVRs from any of the home cinemas in the house. All of these may sound great but installation and wiring of all these technological gadgets was not an easy task.

The Wirings

To connect gadgets to each other, a proper and comprehensive networking plan had to be made. A lot of wires and cables were used throughout the house and all connections were double checked to make sure that the quality of the sounds and the video will not be compromised.

Some High-definition televisions (HDTVs) are even as far as 300 feet from the main source which is located in the basement. One would automatically think that HDMI cabling will be used unfortunately, due to signal dropouts, High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI would not be the best option. So to keep the quality of the video output, the home theater installation utilized second generation HD, receivers and IP transmitters.