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For those movie enthusiasts, their dreams are definitely having their own home theater rooms and watch high quality movies in the comforts of their own homes. With all the techno logical advancements today, that is very possible.

A home theater system is basically composed of a television screen and a good set of surround sound speakers. But for those people who will invest time and money in home theater systems, it takes more than those appliances.

Steps to Install

The very first step in creating your own Home Theater Nirvana is planning.

  • In the planning phase, you decide and choose which room to convert into this mini movie house.
  • A blueprint of the room will be needed so that you can design where the appliances and gadgets will be placed and how they will be wired.
  • Wiring is definitely one of the trickiest aspects of this project. So as early as the planning and design phase, wiring should be carefully mapped.

Purchasing of the equipment is another critical step.

  • It is always advisable to do research on high quality appliances other than cheap knock-offs. Although they may cost more, these appliances will last longer and they will deliver great results too.
  • If the room is large and dark, having a projector will be a better choice.

Lighting should also be taken into consideration.

  • Lights should be strategically placed in order to enhance the picture and not refract light causing the image or color to change.
  • Additional power outlets must also be installed for any optional gadgets that may be used.
  1. When using a surround sound system, take note of the other room fixtures that might shake and rattle when the volume is cranked up.
  • These noises can distract the viewer from the whole movie experience.

When the planning is over, pre-wiring and installation shall begin.

  • Pre-wiring should be done before the room gets insulation.
  • This will make the ambience of the room look better since the wires are hidden from the viewers’ eyes.
  1. All appliances and gadgets must be connected carefully and must be tested if everything works together well.

Hiring a professional will make significant changes in the finished product but you can always choose to do it by yourself.