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If you’re a serious gamer, one of the things you mull over is the sound quality. After all, you want an immersive experience akin to a home theater vibe so you can truly enjoy your game. Do you need a 7.1 surround sound system for gaming? The short answer is no because you can even use an ordinary stereo. 

However, investing in a high-tech device can undoubtedly improve your gaming experience. In order to achieve the most robust sound quality, you need to know the difference between stereo and surround sound. Let’s discuss them below:

Consider Sound Quality for an Immersive Gaming Experience

In general, surround sound is better than stereo because it has more speakers. As a result, this kind of system can create more dynamic 360 degree sound effects, making it more realistic for you. As a gamer, you will feel as if you are genuinely part of the game, not just a player who is detached from the screen. However, this kind of sound quality comes at a very steep price. 

You have to pay more for surround sound 7.1 than 5.1 as the former has extra speakers. And certainly, any of the two aforementioned options are more expensive than a good, old stereo. But surround sound adds special effects, creating the most ideal setup for gaming. However, if you don’t have the budget for it, the stereo will also suffice. 

How The Sound Mechanism Works to Understand What You’re Pay For

To understand which audio setup works best for gaming, you must learn how they work to distribute sound. Most stereos use two front speakers to create sound, usually placed on the left and right sides. A few come with an extra subwoofer to complement the sound, creating that booming bass. It is the most simple, fuss-free sound configuration, making it the least expensive choice, too. For this reason, it is also the most popular option that you will find in computers, boom boxes, portable DCs, earphones, etc. 

In contrast, surround sound typically uses five or more speakers to produce sound. The 5.1, as the name implies, uses five while the 7.1 uses more. The former uses right, left, and center speakers, plus two surround speakers on the left. The 7.1 has everything that the 5.1 has, plus you have two more back surround sound speakers. You can even add more if you wish. This will provide you with a truly cinematic-like experience, which will help if you want to feel a part of your game. 

Everything All Boils Down to the Budget You’re Willing to Shell Out

Surround sound is better for gaming, with the 7.1 topping the list as it is specifically designed to create a very immersive and all-encompassing field of sound. Comparing stereo sound to surround sound is like taking note of the difference between an ordinary office chair versus an ergonomic chair. You know they provide the same functionality but proffer a different experience. Now, the question is how much you’re willing to shell out to pay for the latter.  

Besides, most video gaming soundtracks are produced and recorded to accommodate surround sound. For these reasons mentioned above, gamers, audiophiles, and movie enthusiasts invest in a quality sound system setup. And since you are working with more speakers, it is a question of your budget that plays a big role in your gaming setup’s sound configuration.