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Does Surround Sound Make a Difference?

If you’re looking at home theater products because you want to update your current system, choosing the speakers plays a crucial role in an immersive home cinema experience. Most newbies always ask if surround sound makes a big difference from a simple stereo setup. And the answer is yes. Learn more about it below: 

Describing the Primary Difference That Sets Surround Sound Apart

The primary reason surround sound is different from stereo rests on the number of speakers. Stereo only has 2 speakers, the left and the right. Meanwhile, surround sound lives up to its name by surrounding you with sound with at least 3 speakers. Most of the time, you will find even more than that to cover your room. Notably, all surround sound systems will come with a subwoofer but not all stereo systems do. 

Getting Into the Details For Better Understanding

If you’re building a home theater, choosing the best speakers is one of the most vital elements since it will accompany the viewing device. Most people would suggest surround sound, especially if you enjoy watching films. The reason for this is stereo speakers have output in 2 channels only. In addition, they are connected to mixers that allow the left and right speakers to modify or vary the output for dynamic sound. 

In contrast, surround sound for home theater systems commonly comes in 5 and 7 channel setups. The most basic one is a 3 channel with a center console, left speaker, and right speaker. Audio is sent through a mixer to create a full sound field in this surround sound setup. As a result, there’s a more immersive experience for the ones listening. 

Again, surround sound and stereo can have a subwoofer, but this add-on is prevalent in the former. In general, stereo systems come with a separate subwoofer, and this speaker is usually smaller than the ones that come with a surround sound system. As a result, you’ll get limited bass and less deeper sounds with stereo.

Deciding Which Surround Sound System to Invest On

When you invest in a surround sound system, you’re getting a multi-channel equipment that mixes audio into a sound field. The most popular setup for this speaker system is 7.1 or 5.1. The big difference here is that 7.1 has more speakers than 5.1. Since you’ve got more speakers with the 7.1, you have a side channel that provides a better sound experience. These are the closest speakers to the listeners. Hence, you are somewhat closer to the action on screen. 

Notably, today’s new movies have 7.1 surround playback. Hence, if you only have 5.1, you could end up missing sound details and experiencing a less robust sound quality. However, since the 7.1 has higher specs, this is more expensive. So, if budget is an issue, you can still enjoy seamless and fluid sound quality with a 5.1. 

Thankfully, you can find many different brands and setups in the market that suit your preferences and budget. If you need guidance in choosing the best speakers for your home theater, give our customer service reps a call. We have a wealth of knowledge in this area and can provide solid advice based on the size of your room and other personal specifications.