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Projector vs TV: Which One to Purchase for the Home Theater?

Home theater projectors have long been a mainstay in wish lists of everyone wanting to set up their ideal home theater room. Video projectors just evoke this movie-like experience the moment you darken the room and immerse yourself into whatever is showing. In reality, however, most living rooms are equipped with TVs and households are perfectly content with that as well. With the constant drive of TV manufacturers to improve the picture quality and to pile on additional features, these sets become the practical choice of many families. The question as to which of them would better suit your home theater will only pop up again when, naturally, you are on the verge of hunkering down and getting serious with the  building your separate home theater room.  Each option has its own distinct advantages so you have to check which of these would fit your lifestyle.

Sleek Appearance and Limited Use

The addition of a projector to your home theater room will certainly lend to it a polished ambiance. You will not have that familiar black hole that annoys many homeowners when the TV is not in use. You need not bother yourself with the ways to hide the screen when you are not using it. If you are fond of playing DVDs and have a surround sound system installed, you can watch your favorite movies as though you are in your local cinema, with only a bucket of popcorn and soda to complete the experience. As you know, however, video projectors have limited use on their bulbs which means you are burdened with the chore and expense of replacing them every so often. Moreover, if you expect to have sharp pictures for your regular shows, you might be a wee bit disappointed. Overall, a video projector is ideal when its usage is limited to what it can do best.

Versatility and Years of Duration

Common as the TVs are, everyone is aware of how they edge out projectors. They are low maintenance, can last long, can receive signals over the air with an antenna or satellite, and come in a variety of sizes to fit any room in your home. With the stiff competition among TV manufacturers, however, consumers are now bombarded with the latest technology offerings that sometimes, not everyone can understand, use, or even afford. Yet, no one can deny the durability of TVs so if your family loves to catch all your favorite shows every night or play a lot of video games, then having the TV in your home theater will work better for you.