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The month of April begins with a day of laughter. April fool’s day is the best day to de-stress and relax. With all the infectious laughter that has been set by this holiday, watch comedy films in line with this annual celebration.

In order to set the lightened mood this month, we have selected a few comedy films that you are sure to enjoy while laughing out loud. Happy April Fools!

  • Frozen (2013)

Yes we know, this movie is made by Disney for kids. But why not bring back the kid in you by watching this film? I am sure you will be giggling and laughing on most parts of the film without you even realizing it. And remember that snowman Olaf? Who among you can say he never made you laugh? C’mon!

  • Delivery Man (2013)

Who could ever think that you can father 533 children? Not this underachiever David Wozniak. After he donated his own little dudes in a sperm bank some 20 years ago, he later realizes that he has father a number of children after his 142 of them filed a lawsuit case against him. This film stars Vince Vaughn. Now you know films that have Vince on it, it sure is funny.

  • Rio (2011)

Yes, another cute CG cartoon. But you need to watch this! The sequel is coming up and we need to remember the fun that these birds had in Rio!

  • We’re the Millers (2013)

A family is always a love-hate circle that we were born into. But what is so different about the Millers? They are a fake family. A pot dealer tries to make a fake family to easily slide illegal drugs right to the border. It works but in a twisted way.

So there you have it! A few films that may tickle a funny bone or two. Enjoy watching this on your own home theater in surround sound for a much more heightened and happy movie experience