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As Albert Einstein quoted, “A true measure of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Truly indeed, it is definitely unthinkable to understate the intelligence of the people who created the mind-blowing world of The Matrix, Avatar and Cloud Atlas. But if you think science fiction in motion picture is slowing down in our contemporary time, think again. For the past ten years, it’s almost too difficult to miss a premiere month without a science fiction genre among its roster. Even in your own home theatre projectors after a year of their debut, these sci-fi films still look sharp.

July is no different. Check out next month’s list:


Just when you think this title has been stretched to the limits with John Connor’s near-death rescue and a close encounter with his post-teenage biological father in the previous franchise, you haven’t seen anything yet. This latest film series coming this 1st of July, John Connor continues to lead his endless battle against the machines in year 2029. He sends his young biological father Kyle Reese to the distant past to rescue his mother Sarah Connor, but this time the odds against the human time-traveler has been grossly exaggerated for gritty and edgy overkill. He’ll be facing not one but multiple time-traveling Terminators. This all-out war is simultaneously waged on two fronts – the 1980’s past and 2029 future. Brace your ears from the massive explosion coming from the theater’s surround sound system.


On July 17, Marvel is about to pull off another critic-busting surprise with the arrival of a new super hero – Ant Man. The new breed of directors and producers have made a habit of building up Stan Lee’s seemingly declining legacy. With the Avengers series rescuing the planet and the Guardians of the Galaxy painting the universe red, Ant Man takes the thrills down to an epic microscopic scale with its micro-shrinking protagonist endowed with atomic strength.


Sci-fi genre is truly home to wild and very original ideas. This upcoming comedy film in July 24 tells a story of a miscommunication between the human race and the highly intelligent extraterrestrials. The aliens thought that video game technology is a declaration of war. Talk about getting lost in translation… It gets even wackier, as an alien-engineered Pacman chomps on of USA’s territory one bite at a time. Human extermination has never been this comical.