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Is The Vampire Trend Finally Over?

Vampires have been one of the fascinations that people from generation to generation continued to talk about. There have been different opinions about vampires for hundreds of years. It kept on changing and evolving. From the Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire, Nosferatu, Fright Night, Blade, Underworld, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Queen of the Damned, and Twilight, these movies have shown the different stereotypes about vampires. These are some of the movies that we grew up watching in our home theater systems. Stereotypes such as the need to be in their coffins when sleeping, a dislike for holy water, crucifixes, garlic, and the fear of being killed using a stick through the heart.

These stereotypes that are present in each of the movies mentioned above. However, as time passes by, the same theme is being repeated over and over again. The only change would be was how the vampires lived their lives. For example, the movie Queen of the Damned is about Lestat. The movie started off in the past and progressed in the future. It had the songs that Jonathan Davis from Korn wrote which is, to a lot of teenagers, music to the ears especially while watching the movie with a surround sound system.

The problem with vampire movies is that there are remakes about the past movies such as Dracula and the knock-offs usually are the ones to succeed because of the technological advances that we have today. More often than not, it makes the movie look and sound amazing and real than the past movies that are created with limited resources. This is when the trend starts to get tiring. As the repetition continues, they add a little change and maybe another skill to vampires. In Queen of the Damned, you would see that Lestat didn’t just crawl on the walls and on the roof but also fly. For those who love vampire movies, you will get to see that there is a common denominator to everything and there are also differences. Now, as the audience, you have the power to decide. Is the trend really over for vampires?