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Horror Movie Clichés That Bond Family and Friends

Movies have a particular formula that most movie lovers have finally guessed by now. In every kind of movie genre, there is a formula that either adds flavor to the movie or adds to the predictable vibe. One of the genres that most people have fun watching is the horror genre. This is one of the genres that have a standard formula in it. It all starts with the cast, the location, the brave heroine, different tactics, splitting up in times of danger, the useless cops, and the invincible villain. With these different ingredients, it is not surprising how a movie can be easily predicted. The outcomes can be really similar.

The cast usually has a blend of different personalities but the same set of characters. Notice that there’s always that hot slutty girl who gets caught by the villain wearing her sexy clothing, lingerie, or even nothing and the tough gangster who seems to put up a fight but gets injured badly or dies. The location tells it all as well. It would probably be a haunted place wherein friends go to explore, an eerie looking brothel, and the woods. Others would be the unexpected brave heroine that survives the tragic event, the different tactics that are so common such as the characters running and then tripping on something, the scene wherein the villain enters the house and the victim forgets to lock the door with the sturdy locks that is built on it and, instead, decides to just hold the door down with their strength.

There are still many common clichés that one can spot with all these movies. However, as common as they are, it is still enjoyable to predict the outcome of a certain movie while watching with your friends or family. It is one of the fun ways wherein people can actually sit down in their home theater rooms and watch the movie with the best surround sound system but only to criticize the whole thing. It is actually one of the forms of bonding uniquely with your family, friends, or relatives. Hence, challenging how the directors would make the movie, such as the movie The Sixth Sense, by adding some spice that would surprise their future audiences.