Top 4 Home Theater Video Games

Apart from watching movies, another great use of your home theater is playing video games. Unlike mere film viewing, video games allow spectators to “get involved”. Having the power to change the destiny of your chosen protagonist is so much more fulfilling than simply watching them fall as the directors and story writers dictated. You’ve […]

What to look for in a projector?

Buying a projector can be confusing at first especially if you’re not familiar with the product. Because of this, you need to learn something about it. To start, there are two different types of home theater projectors that you can choose from. These are the DLP (Digital Light Processing) and the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) […]

20 Myths about Flat Screen TV

As technology progresses, appliances like flat screen TVs have become very convenient that operating them doesn’t even require you too much effort.  Although this appliance is very advanced, there still are myths about home theater system sets that need to be cleared: Contains actual liquid – The term liquid in LCD refers the kind of […]

CES 2014: The Best Moments

The book is finally closed for the 2014 CES trade show which ended on January 10, 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada.  Housing more than 32,000 exhibitors, 150,000 participants including 35,000 from outside the U.S., the trade expo proves to be a huge success. The expo featured some of the most awesome products to look forward […]

Projectors: A cheaper alternative to a big flat screen TV

A home theater system is never complete without a big flat screen TV.  But with the costs that come with large flat screen TV’s, many wonder how they can complete their dream home theater system without putting a huge dent on their wallets. But there’s another option:  home theater projectors.  They’re cheaper, lighter and are […]

Input Lag: Does it matter?

What is input lag?  It is when there is a delay in before the image hits the screen and are perceived by the viewers.  Input lag may happen for a few milliseconds and are almost inaudible, to a few seconds delay, which can be a bit bothersome if the audio is out of sync with […]

The Essentials of a Home Theater Projector

If you want to create your own home cinema or convert a room into a movie room, the display or the screen should be one of your priorities to ensure that the movies will be viewed perfectly just like in a movie theater. Many television screens and models have been created but home theater projectors […]

How to Boost your Home Theater Surround Sound

The sounds and the music of the movie are very important parts of the cinema experience. People who own a home theater system would definitely want to achieve that same musical and sound experience for their own viewing pleasures. In most cases, homeowners would resort to buying pricey and expensive sound systems to get surround […]

Custom Settings for a Home Automation System

One of the biggest trends in homes today is the installation of a home automation system. This will help homeowners to control different aspects of their houses from the lighting to the home theater system equipment. There are different brands of automation systems available today. Although choosing a reliable brand is important, the programming of the system […]

Do Home Theaters need a Subwoofer?

One of the secrets to having a good movie experience with your own home theater system equipment is the quality of the music and the sound of the movie. Having a good music quality can elevate the movie experience since it can give you heart pounding moments and can make you feel like you are […]