Google Ventures into Home Theater Entertainment System

I was not long ago that news came out about Google trying to acquire Groupon. Now, news has been released that Google will now enter a new business venture that will cover another area of entertainment. Gone were the days when Google was merely a search engine site. Now, with all the acquisitions from YouTube […]

The Most Acclaimed Movies of 2011

When it comes to entertainment, everybody would agree that movies are a good source. This is the reason why more and more people are buying latest entertainment products for viewing pleasures. A home theater room is becoming a normal part of a house. Homeowners are now embracing the reality that all family members could watch […]

4 Areas People Skimp in Home Theaters

The jury is still out there on what equipment makes or breaks a home theater. Not every homeowner drooling over a Steinway Lyngdorf, however, can afford to deck out their living rooms with the finest. For most of those whose budgets have been stretched as far as they would go, a compromise is often the […]

Build a Rosie O’Donnell-style Home Theater

Rosie O’Donnell certainly knows her home theater. Inside the recently built brownstone that the talk-show host purchased in the upscale neighborhood of the Windy City, nestled one of the reasons why she snapped up the house. Its entertainment hub, or hubs since other rooms are outfitted with wall-mounted flat screens as well, would make anyone […]

If Walls Can Talk (Or Play Music)

Downsizing is on the rise but even in a small home, you need not skimp on your home theater design. You can opt to have  in-wall speakers put in so cluttering an already cramped living room with wires and boxes would not be an issue. Navigating this setup is easy when you follow these tips: […]

Angry Neighbors Complain On Backyard Noise

With the onset of warmer weather, you could be among those who are looking into installing home theatre systems in your backyard. Partying outdoors with your friends can be made better when you have nice music in the background or can kick back at your pool while watching movies on your giant screen. When the […]

What TV Screen Protectors Can Add to Your Home Theater

An LCD TV is one home theater installation that you can expect to last for years. That is, if you strictly use it for watching movies and shows and, more importantly, if you have no young kids. You may have to scratch out using it for video games as well. For most homes however, it […]

Impressing your Friends: Getting the Most Out of your Surround Sound System

Every budget for a home theater installation has the potential to give the room that amazing viewing and listening experience, provided that you know how to apply a few tricks to maximize the use of its features. This is especially true for your surround sound system, which eats up almost three-quarters of your whole budget. […]